Our Payment Terms

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1 When you have placed your order in our webshop, we assume that you acted responsibly and well informed as an independent adult, even if you pay with a bank card that is still registered on the Basic Registration of Persons Minors or similar registration.

2 We assume that you do not yet have means of payment with a modified name for the Beneficiary In Trust.

3 If you place an order you are a private principal and HRK SAC is a private beneficial order acceptor.

4 Only the HRK SAC web store processes the bank details entered by you the principal, in the verified transaction; we cannot see what the bank number of our principal is.

5 We advise you to place subsequent orders only after delivery of your SAC Diplomatic Passport with your SAC DPP Authorization reference

6 We advise against placing large orders with many documents at the same time

7 The SAC Diplomatic Passport is manually authorized and autographed, which takes time

8 On each page of your ordered CQV LLC Operating Document, your SAC DPP Authorization feature is manually applied, this takes time

9 Due to the manual authorization and processing of your order, you cannot cancel your order and you cannot claim a refund

10 We discourage you from placing and canceling an order on behalf of a party who is totally unknown to HRK SAC, which disrupts our labour-intensive work on behalf of a master to be named later

11 We advise you not to place orders if you do not show any positive interest in the daily messages and explanatory texts of Vincent Zegel via facebook and/or via linkedin

12 If you have not made yourself known as a regular reader of Vincent Zegel's daily reports and explanatory texts, we strongly discourage you from activating HRK SAC Productions.

13 Due to the labour-intensive actions involved in having your order delivered to you, we advise you to take into account an order preparation and processing period of between 5 and 14 days.

14 You, being the principal, are obliged to independently assess the urgency level of a private circumstance and, if the principal deems this desirable, to acquire one or more documents in time in the HRK SAC webshop for timely dispatch to the presumed power of attorney non-inherited commercial political outsider third parties trading under punishable appearance of legal right (rainbow Color of Law).

15 Your decision making and assessment regarding a private threat level is not transferable to HRK SAC!

16 HRK SAC cannot carry out urgent orders.

17 HRK SAC works exclusively for the activation of Canonem De Ius Positivum, Canon 2057 and Canon 2124 in particular for the dissolution of the Basic Registration of Persons Minor Beneficiary and the dissolution of the Cestui Que Vie interim trust Minor Beneficiary by the Municipal Administrators establishing the acknowledgement and hereditary competence of the adult Beneficiary In Trust of majority age.

18 The Beneficiary In Trust emphatically does not invoke any legal 'citizen' articles of the maritime juristry of the Hugo Grotius court, which require that the adult Beneficiary In Trust continues to identify and legitimize him/herself for life with the registration Basic Registration Persons Minors.

19 The Beneficiary In Trust is not political.

20 The Beneficiary In Trust is not part of the Basic Registration Presumptive Persons minor, due to ongoing research into transgender incognito and false birth registration.


Our payment terms can be read in the information segment prior to and at the top of our HRK SAC Staff Productivity Webshop.



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BRP=Municipal Basic Registration Presumptive Persons=transgender incognito=Clausula Rebus Sic Stantibus= Hereditary competence = Canon 2057=Canon 2124=Birth Trust d'Origine Repatriation=Acknowledged Beneficiary In Trust.